General Purposes

RÀDIO ASSOCIACIÓ DE CATALUNYA, SCCL statutes contain in its article nº2, the purpose of the organization:

“RÀDIO ASSOCIACIÓ DE CATALUNYA, Catalan Cooperative Society Limited, that continues the spirit of which was founded in 1935, aims to contribute above the basis of a voluntary community:

a) Improving the spiritual, social and economic development of the country through broadcasting another similar media:

b) the most effective deployment of these media, managing nearly all public authorities, private and individual organizations, those concessions and reforms that are legally considered accurate, and sponsoring, in general, all kinds of initiatives that may promote the interests of the citizens of the Catalan territory by RADIO ASSOCIACIÓ de CATALUNYA, Catalan Cooperative Society Limited. “

Thus, Radio Associació de Catalunya (RAC) becomes the reference for the history of radio in Catalonia and Spain. Radio Associació de Catalunya manages RAC1 and RAC105 FM radio stations. At the same time, RAC promotes and encourages enhancing initiatives related to media tasks and professionals of Catalan communication.

1937. Nen davant el micro de RAC, possiblement inspirat en "El més petits de tots". Fons Generalitat - Segona República /Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya
1937. Child with a RAC microphone. Reference: Generalitat – Segona República /Arxiu Nacional de Cataluny