Ràdio Associació de Catalunya (Radio Association of Catalonia) organization is a cooperative conceived by the convictions and the values philosophy of its founders. In December 1934, hitherto SOCIETAT CIVIL RÀDIO ASSOCIACIÓ DE CATALUNYA becomes RÀDIO ASSOCIACIÓ DE CATALUNYA, COOPERATIVE SOCIETY.

Its current statutes begin with the following introduction:

“RADIO ASSOCIACIO DE CATALUNYA, Catalan Cooperative Society Limited, established in Barcelona on 26 February 1935 and approved by the Superior Council of Cooperation of Catalonia Government on 7 March same year, had a very intense spiritual life and economic, serving Catalonia until its transformation as a consequence of the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939. The co-operators who belonged, or their heirs, and the citizens of our country who want a free radio, believe that it’s time to make reborn that Institution, without straying from the slightest of ideals that had always inspired. The continuation of that cooperative remains to be the most appropriate organization because it allows economic elasticity that is not in conflict with the sentiment of popularity, an essential basis of this new ” RADIO ASSOCIACIO DE CATALUNYA “.

30’s Logo.
Far from all commercialism, this renewed Cooperative Society, with a legal responsible at all times, with the economic and sentimental collaboration of all its members and with the natural stability of its Government elements, technical and administrative, regardless all social and political sway, RADIO ASSOCIATION Catalonia may correspond properly to the great achievements to which they are entitled to, the listeners of our country. “

With the advent of democracy and the recovery of the entity, cooperative spirit and values involved, as the democratic management and interest in the community are still valid and present, with the desire to continue with the same principles of beginnings. Thus, the statutes of the cooperative, declare:

Article 1. Name and legal status:

The term RADIO ASSOCIATION CATALAN, Catalan Cooperative Society Limited, adapt to Barcelona a Cooperative Society of Services, subject to the principles and orders of the Law 4/1983, of 9th March, of Catalonia Cooperatives (enacted to accordance with the provisions of Article 33.2 of the Statute of Autonomy), endowed with complete legal personality and limited liability of its partners for social obligations.